The Body Burden: Living in the Shadow of Barbie Stacey Handler

ISBN: 9781878398215

Published: May 25th 2000


240 pages


The Body Burden: Living in the Shadow of Barbie  by  Stacey Handler

The Body Burden: Living in the Shadow of Barbie by Stacey Handler
May 25th 2000 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 240 pages | ISBN: 9781878398215 | 8.65 Mb

Barbie. The ideal American woman. Can you imagine what it is like to live in Barbies shadow- the shadow of the ideal?Stacey Handler, granddaughter of Ruth Handler, creator of the original Barbie doll, knows what life after Barbie is like, as she has lived for 30 years in that shadow.

Stacey now reveals in this new book The Body Burden, her personal story of a lifetime battle with body image. She openly discloses her own feelings about the Barbie doll, her grandmothers innocent perfect creation. She shares her moments of low self-esteem, including the fears, insecurities, and distorted body image that have been bestowed on her.

She also speaks out about hying with and battling juvenile diabetes, as well as her verbally abusive former marriage which further increased her body image problem.The book itself is composed of Staceys poetry and personal thoughts. She shares her honest feelings and concerns, focusing on both her struggles and triumphs in hope of aiding other women who are in similar pain. Not only does she discuss her weakness with food, but she also explores more universal feelings that women have about their bodies. She discusses societys unrealistic expectations and about how women feel about being expected to walk that perfect thin line.

Her writing goes way beyond her own personal struggles.The Body Burden has something for all shapes and sizes. The plus-size woman, the anorexic, bulimic, the overeater and even the women without a body image disorder can relate to Staceys real-life issues and strikingly real universal thoughts.Staceys personal story brings a lesson of life, learning and love to us all.

She believes in finding your own strength andfollowing it to success. Through personal candid stories, secret thoughts, and past experiences, Stacey takes her readers through a journey of truth and discovery. The Body Burden is Staceys story of growing up with a battle of body image, experiencing pain, discomfort, confusion, loneliness, and finally hope.

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